There are some requirements for an accurate and quick quote response

To place a die order or quote, please email: EXCO Canada, EXCO USA, or EXCO Colombia or print out the form and fax it to the order desk:

  • EXCO Canada: 905-477-6304
  • EXCO USA: 800-742-7546

If you are a new customer to EXCO we require:

  • Drawings for all presses
  • Platen Opening
  • Die Rings
  • Die Blanks
  • Backer / Bolster Blanks
  • Spacers
  • Press Size
  • Standard Bolster / Backer
  • Specific Pressure
  • Alloy Used
  • Run Out Table Length
  • Existing Die, Backer, Bolster Templates

If you are an existing customer to EXCO please provide the following information:

  • Die Order (die number, number of cavities, size)
  • Geometry sent by e-mail
  • Support Tooling
  • To make a backer or fit existing backer
  • To make a bolster or fit existing bolster
  • Billet diameter and press size
  • Ship date
  • Layout of profile
  • Special information (welding points, exposed surfaces etc.)
  • Billet type and size alloy)