ETS provides value to its stakeholders and some let us share their thoughts.

With our experience comes better quality in everything.  From our brand, to sales process, to the machines and support… It all gets better all the time.  We are thankful that customers, vendors, employees have kind things to say about us.   Here are some of the kudos that we have permission to share.

“Thank you for turning this die job so quickly. This is a big help to one of our customers. Additionally, it is used for a product that stores PPE (mask, gloves, hand sanitizer) to help prevent the Coronavirus.

Western is grateful for the long-term partnership we have with Exco.

Thank you again,”

Bennett McEvoy, Western Extrusions Corp.o

“Good morning Canada!!

I know that I don’t do this enough, but wanted to say, Great job on the replacement die NJ4775 copy 2.

Attached are a couple pictures of the nose from the first run.  And if that wasn’t good enough, all check dimensions were in tolerance!!!

NJ4775 copy 2 First Run 2 NJ4775 copy 2 First Run 1

Nice job guys!


Jeffrey R. Lynch, EXTRUDEX Aluminum

“I wanted to take a moment today to thank the whole Exco team that works on our tooling. We recently ordered nine dies, most of which were all for the same project. Out of all the dies, only one will need some minor modifications to run as we need it. That is great for our group here, receiving dies that run right out of the box saves us time.

We are extremely pleased with the tooling your group produces, from design to cutting to final fit and finish. We have seen many sub-par manufacturers throughout the years and very happy to have Exco solely producing our tooling needs now. Please see that everyone gets a ‘Thank You’ from us!

Thanks Again!”

Dustin Jensen and Glenn Blaser, Winnebago Die Correctors