Our Success Depends on the Success of Our Customers

This has been the philosophy of Exco Tooling Solutions since the beginning, and we have continued to operate that way. It’s how we got to be North America’s largest supplier of extrusion dies.


We believe in the concept of the die maker partnering with the extruder, and together working to improve the extruder’s productivity and profitability. Part of this is accomplished through active participation in industry associations and staying in close contact with our customers, listening to their concerns, understanding their goals – and then delivering.

Our primary mission is to provide dies which will produce quality product with maximum speed and efficiency; primarily by designs that ease the extrusion process and assure long operating life – conditions that support extruder demands.

Our production capabilities exceed 4,500 dies a month, supporting extruders serving construction, automotive and consumer goods markets. Rely on our capacity to help push your operation to new levels of productivity.

Since 1952 with the founding of Exco Canada, EXCO has grown to include EXCO USA and EXCO Colombia and is now one of the largest producers of extrusion tooling globally. It has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities:

Exco Canada, Markham, Ontario
Established: 1952
Location: 45,000 sq. ft. plant
Capacity: 1,750 dies/month
Exco Michigan, Chesterfield, Michigan
Established: 1997
Location: 75,000 sq. ft. plant
Capacity: 2500 dies/month
Exco Colombia, Medellin
Established: 2011
Location: 20,000 sq. ft. plant
Capacity: 500 dies/month