Modern manufacturing and design yields high quality, cost-saving dies.

Early on, ETS understood that computer-aided design and CNC machining would have a significant impact on the way extrusion dies would be designed and machined. Dies could be made more consistently, without error, and much more quickly. And designs could be perfected and duplicated reliably.

We have continued to improve our manufacturing and design capability by investing in state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal has been and remains to deliver to our customers efficient, long-lasting, high-quality extrusion dies.

CNC equipment at each of our plants produce dies with the best possible quality for high repeatability, reliability, and long life.

  • CNC saws to provide H-13 blanks for machining
  • More than a dozen CNC lathes
  • More than 60 CNC mills
  • More than 60 wire EDM
  • More than 1 million lbs. of H-13 tool steel

Plus complete in-house heat treating, including 23 heat treat furnaces and five nitride furnaces. Our in house heat treating and nitriding at each facility makes each EXCO location a complete and comprehensive die plant.

Die performance starts with die design

We maintain more than 750,000 successful dies, which is a significant resource for assuring die repeatability and quality. Our die engineering background is one of our greatest resources. We use it to help our customers optimize die designs, thus minimizing die trials and correction.

Dies are designed in our customized CAD system, then archived for our CAM specialists to begin programming.

Die design data is downloaded directly to the CNC machine tools at each of our plants, saving time and assuring quality with documentable performance.

All feedback by our customers is documented and put directly into our database. With accurate feedback our designers will make any necessary adjustments to improve the design for better productivity and performance.

We are well known for the excellence of our dies, including bridged feeders, one piece porthole and shutoff portholes for semi-hollow shapes as well as our patented mandrel design which helps to produce closer tolerance hollow extrusions. We also manufacture support tooling and die rings.

EXCO Die Advantages:

  • Higher speed
  • Easier pushing
  • Longer life
  • Maximum productivity
  • Tight tolerance shapes
  • High-quality extrusion surfaces
EXCO die designs include:

  • Reversed dome and fixed extended mandrel
  • Recessed dies for multi-cavities
  • Multicore dies
  • New generation shut-off dies
  • Small core dies